An oasis isolated in the heart of Tulum

Tulum is a place with a special charm in the world, and therefore a destination with incredible potential. In December 2015, it was chosen by TripAdvisor users as the most popular emerging tourist destination in the world and if forecasts confirm the trend, Tulum will receive three times as many visitors in 2020 as it received in 2016.

Surrounded by white sand and turquoise water of the Mexican Caribbean, sheltered by the vegetation that provides a jungle of trees, is a residence unique in its style. It is a home with originality for its modern touch combined with the natural wealth of Tulum and the charm of the area. This home is Copal, named after a sacred tree that grows in the region.

Copal transforms the spirit of those who seek a place of peace, of those who wish to relax the soul and disconnect from the accelerated pace of the cities.
With the firm idea of ​​creating a unique life experience, Copal has a vision focused on harmony. Simplicity, modernity and nature, are the key pieces of the Copal residences.